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Elijah Wiegmann

Elijah Wiegmann is an award-winning Industrial Designer living in Pittsburgh, PA. 

In 2008 Elijah joined 4moms as its’ 8th employee and first industrial designer. Over the last eight years, he has been responsible for every product the company designs and has worked on many more in the pipeline. He has been named on over 18 patents and won 2 Red Dot awards. A year into his tenure, he began establishing a design department, which has grown to include 11 designers and 3 soft-goods designers. Elijah's responsibilities involved product development leadership, department management, and high level strategy setting for future product.

As Chapter Chair of IDSA Western PA, he has had the opportunity to interact with IDSA National, Pittsburgh Tech Council, Techshop, Alphalab and numerous other startups and initiatives. He looks forward to growing that involvement and helping to foster western PA’s growing network of designers, engineers, roboticists, and businesses.